Interview mit Schwimm-Star Titus

First of all Deafswimworld-Team wish you heartfelt congratulations with your world records!

– What do you feel now that a new world record and world champion (?) Without superfast swimsuits have improved?

I am really impressed and thrilled to break the deaf World record.
Without full body, I still maintain the same level of performance with jammers. It shows that we are all able to perform with or without full bodysuits.

– How often do you train per week? What do you day in the USA?

I train 9 times a week in the water, but also do dry-land 3 times a week. I also weight lift two or three times a week.

– Swim for the national team for hearing?

Yes, I swim for the national team, since 2009.

– Do you want the 2012 Olympics in London to join? Do you have a chance?

Yes, I want to make the 2012 Olympic team. My Chance is very good, it all come down to perfecting technique and believe in myself for all the hard work, great coaches, teammates, family and all of those who supports my swimming.

– Maybe Will you talk about the World Cup swim for the hearing impaired?
I am really enjoy my first deaf world championships, and meeting new swimmers from other Countries. Not only that, I enjoy communicating and learning new sign language with other swimmers. I hope to see more deaf swimmers for 2013 Deaflympics !

– Meanwhile, as Marcus 100 m Breaststroke 200 m Breaststroke your deaf championships record has improved?

I am thrilled to have the Deaf championship record for the 100 / 200 breaststroke. I hope to break those records again, especially the 100 breaststroke. My goal is to break the minute barrier by tomorrow, August 11 th .

Team Deafswimworld

Thx for interview !

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Eine Antwort auf Interview mit Schwimm-Star Titus

  1. Katrin Schliwa sagt:

    What a great interview I enjoyed reading. I’m quite surprised and very happy we’ve more and more good swimmer who are deaf and almost fast as the best hearing swimmers.

    Can’t wait to meet all swimmers whether fast or slow and whether young or old @Deaflympics 2013.

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