Deaflympics 2013???

30th January 2012

Dear members,

As January nears it’s end, I would like to communicate with you about the 2013 Deaflympics. As you know, we expected to have an answer from Hungary a month ago.

The economic crisis is felt in Hungary like many other places in Europe and around the world. For this reason decisions about new spending are made carefully and slowly.

ICSD remains confident we can make a good economic case for hosting the Deaflympics. We continue to work with our Hungarian friends and their government on a solution for the budget.

But the discussions in Hungary must soon come to an end. Our deaf athletes and their supporters need to know about the plans for the Deaflympics with certainty. So we must be clear and realistic.

Athens was accepted as a Deaflympic host for 2013 with no government guarantee in place, a decision made in 2007. Because of this, there is not currently a host ready for the 2013 Deaflympics.

If Budapest does not work as a potential replacement, our options are limited. No other national deaf sports federation has shown any interest in hosting for 2013 and time is very short.

As you will know from Slovakia, if an event must be cancelled I would prefer the cancellation to happen months before, not days.

ICSD expects to have a final answer in Budapest before the end of February. And if Budapest fails to secure a budget, ICSD expects to have a final answer on the 2013 Deaflympics by the end of May.

Very best wishes

Craig A. Crowley MBE President

International Committee of Sports for the Deaf Governing Body of Deaflympics, recognized byInternational Olympic Committee E-mail:

Hier findet ihr die deutsche Übersetzung von DG-SV.

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