No Deaf Swim Meets in 2012 and 2013?

Some of the deaf-swimmers have emailed and informed me that they are very sad that there will not be any international swim meets in 2012 and 2013. The athletes are highly motivated and would love to compete and break records.

The ICSD has let the deaf community know that the status of the upcoming Deaflympics is still very uncertain. It is also still very uncertain whether there will be a European Swimming Championship in 2014.

The EDSO would like to establish a calendar that lists the Championship meets at least two years in advance.

We are hoping that the economic situation in Europe and the world will stabilize.

We would be excited if companies, organizations, and other institutions would be willing to finance and sponsor the competitions so that all athletes can compete, motivate, and encourage each other.

Unfortunately there is currently only very little information about the deaf swimming in the world.

I hope that you all will send me any relevant information concerning meets and anything to do with deaf swimming. Please, email whatever information you have to deafschwimmsport(at) I will then be able to inform the deaf swimming community through my blog.

This will allow companies and organizations to stay up to date on what is happening in the deaf swim world and it will also allow them to step in as sponsors and to advertise for themselves.

There is so much potential among the deaf swimmers!

Your former deaf swimmer,
Gerda Reinhard-Bouw

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