Information about the first Deaf International Short Course Swimming Championship in Rochester New York, USA January 2014

Hello Deaf World Swimming Friends

My name is Cindy-Lu. I am an Assistant TD for Swimming.

I would like to explain a few things regarding Deaf International Short Course Swimming Championship. This is in Rochester, New York USA.2014

This is exciting time for everyone, The DISCSC team is working really hard to make this successful. Myself and ICSD are happy
that the event has been approved.

DISCSC team have asked to share this information for you all
1. The deadline is 20/12/13 — you must pay before the deadline. These prices include for accommodation, trips to and from airport, pick up every day trip to the pool and day trips from time to time. And on the last night of the swim meet there will be a banquet. All this in one price but you must pay first before it’s too late. Please make payment now.

2. There have been a few email problems: DISCSC did try to contact with every Deaf Sports Federation — some emails are bouncing back. If you don’t hear from us please contact Doug Matchett. His email address is If you don’t contact Doug, then he won’t know if you are want to be involved.

3. There is some good news! DISCSC are excited will have officials, starters and few referees to be involved with us from the London Olympics Swimming events. The DISCSC team are looking forward to be part of DISCSC there will be high quality standard. This is great opportunity to meet them as well.

For all sports federation swimming organisations please encourage more swimmers to be involve because this is good for the future.

To all the swimmers good luck and hope see you there.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Cindy-Lu Bailey-Fitzpatrick OAM
Assistant TD Swimming and DISCSC.

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