Deaflympics Hardly Noted In The Media And Around the World

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Three years ago I started the Deafswimworld-Homepage to give the deaf swim sport and the other sports some much needed exposure on the web.

Up to that point hardly any news were reported no matter the media.

The Internet provides a world of opportunity to relay newsworthy information about developments in the deaf swim world and other deaf sports. The deaf sport is still an unknown world to most of the hearing which is deplorable. Thanks to Facebook deaf athletes and those interested in deaf sports can stay in contact with each other and communicate with ease.

An article of interest concerning this can be found under This article provides an interesting read comparing monetary rewards for deaf athletes competing on the international platform.

Some athletes receive large amounts of money for their accomplishments while others have to finance everything out of their own pockets. Some countries offer monetary reward to the hearing athletes but next to nothing for the hearing-impaired. One such example is South Africa who has the extraordinary and world reknown Terence Parkin among its hearing-impaired athletes. Parkin or any of the other South African hearing impaired athletes hardly receive any note-worthy media coverage in their own country for their achievements.

In the eastern countries gold medalists receive large amounts in Euros which allow them to fully concentrate on their athletic goals. Consequently these athletes came better prepared to the games and were rewarded with more medals compared to those who had to foot their own bills without monetary support from their countries.

In June 2010 the European Deaf Swimming Championships will take place in Dortmund/Germany. The homepage has not yet been updated but updated information can be found on the homepage of the EDSO/European Deaf Sport Organization:

It would be a great step in the right direction if deaf swimmers would be sponsored on a greater scale. We do have very talented swimmers who need appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

It is also desirable that former top athletes meet during the European Deaf Swimming Championships in Dortmund/Germany.

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